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Cycling News

Welcome to Cyclestats!!

  • Cyclestats is free!

    Cyclestats is FREE!

    Cyclestats is an interactive FREE TO USE cycling website that offers you a service, unknown of on the web thus far. That service is to give you the ability to store and analyse your cycle ride data from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Cyclists

    The System

    The system was developed to allow you the ability to produce charts and stats based on various criteria, such as ride time, minutes per mile, heart rate and so on. The main structure of the data is based on grouping each ride by a route, so if you have a particular route which you use to train on, you can enter this route and the distance, then each ride will be listed under that route.

  • Main Features

    • record your average and maximum cadence
    • record your average and maximum heart rate
    • record your calories burnt
    • filter ride data by specific dates
    • upload details of your bikes including photos!
  • Main Features

    • assign a ride to a bike
    • calculate how many miles have been recorded on each bike
    • break each bikes mileage down by route in an easy to read pie chart
    • add your clubs details to the club link section
  • Weight Monitoring

    Weight Monitoring

    We have improved the user interface and included new functionality that allows you to monitor you weight and graph it over time. You can enter your ideal weight and see how far off target you are.

Have a go, there's nothing to lose!

It all sounds more complicated than it really is!! If you haven't registered just yet, you can login using the form to the top left.

  • username 'test'
  • password 'user'

This will help you to get a feel for what you can do.

Once you have a few rides entered you will have the ability to see a meaningful chart, and a summary detailing your average speed, best/worst times etc. Don't delay, create a login today!!